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A former old lady of mine got so mad at me, she bashed in all my car windows and pooped in my sock drawer!!

I feel for you, Brother!!

My first wife (cursed be her name) had a cat with a sock fetish. In just a week he stole every pair of my socks and for the life of us we could never find them! So after that I had to store my socks in a locked case so he could not get them.

And yes I would recommend the Marcollani, but I think you would be better off with the wool socks rather than cotton.
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marcoliani are fantastic socks and wear very well. Personally I prefer OTC but they should be fine


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A UK supplier of socks?

Erm.. Tesco, Asda, Co-op, Sainsburys, M&S, Debenhams, Topman, Burton, Next, River Island, perhaps?
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A UK supplier of socks?

Erm.. Tesco, Asda, Co-op, Sainsburys, M&S, Debenhams, Topman, Burton, Next, River Island, perhaps?
I'd dismiss the first 4 out of hand and probably give Topman and Burton a miss unless they do several ranges which vary in quality. An independent gentlemen's outfitter will carry your more traditional style, longer (over calf) sock whereas larger stores will generally only supply mass manufactured, shorter socks with a higher proportion of man-made fibres.

Give amazon.co.uk a go for gold toe, woodsofshropshire.co.uk for Pantherella plenty of options on the net.

On a side note TK Maxx carry a huge range of socks and you will usually find decent socks in there (as well as the odd gem in the jacket/tie/suit department - my personal best was a Emanuel Ungaro suit with the original manafacturers price label of $2100 still attached...picked that one for up for £79.99 (about $120)...result).


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Corgi socks (made in wales too-not sure whether you only want UK retailers or UK manufacturers as well) are fantastic but not cheap. Available from New and Lingwood, Cordings, Selfridges and various other bricks and mortar stores or from Woods of Shropshire and many others online. I love Pantherellas too but they aren't as hard-wearing as the Corgis and I love some of the Corgi intarsia designs too.



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You have my sympathy. I've had several flat tires from scorned women so I can certainly relate. My advice is to get married ASAP; you may want to give more consideration to the less physically attractive ones who I believe are less likely to blow a fuse and behave in such manner.

Now, about the socks. I only wear Gold Toe brand. They are comfortable, stay up better than any other brand without making me feel as though there are rubber bands around my legs, and are mostly cotton except for the necessary elastic. Although they have many lines and styles, they are of good quality, including their white athletic socks which are sold in packs of six. I bought a couple of packages of their Hampton line last night. Gold Toe is available at almost all major department stores, even including JCPenny, or try online at www.goldtoe.com. I am sure that several retailers who sell them will ship to the UK.

Good luck and I hope you get them soon considering the weather you are having.

PS--I have no connection to Gold Toe, just a happy customer.
LOL...an enthusiastic +1 on the Gold Toe endorsement/recommendation but, not so much on the relationship advice!
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