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I'm looking for recommendations for those hidden tailors, inc those doing alterations, that are located around London.

The tailors who work on the first floor around the west end, who don't have shop fronts, barely advertise and most do the alterations work for Savile Row/High St shops.

From looking at old threads there were certainly some recommendations:

However, those are now a number of years ago and tailors and experiences may have changed/

My alterations tailor moved on and his replacement is now so busy with work from a store, that they don't have time/have become quite expensive. I tried someone else and whilst the work itself was good, I don't know what they did between pinning and doing the work, as it was all wrong!

So recommendations would be appreciated.

(I know permanentstyle recommends Graham Brown, but they are a shopfront store and not well priced)
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