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  1. mikel

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    High on Leather has decided to renege on this prize giveaway offer.

    AAAC attempted to contact the owner (Ishmeet) 10-15 times, and by different methods.

    All attempts at contacting High on Leather have been unsuccessful and have gone unanswered.

    Thank you to the following Brand Partners who have offered up back-up prizes:

    1. Todd Shelton -

    2. Moral Code -

    3. iTailor (shirt, polo, or belt) -

    4. Herring - Valet Box II

    5. Pediwear - Byron & Brown Italian Calf leather wallets (black or tan, 8-card)

    ----- Original Contest Offer --
    Please join me in welcoming our newest Advertising Partner, High on Leather!

    We're kicking things off with a very special High on Leather Giveaway Contest, where they are giving away a whopping 9 prizes as follows:


    Contest Rules:
    • Contest runs now though December 12, 2018 @ 11:59:59 pm PT
    • Tell us what High on Leather product you would like to win via a comment/reply
    • The comment/reply will enter you into this High on Leather contest
    • Only one (1) entry per member - your comment/reply is your submission into this contest. If you post multiple comments, they will only be counted as one entry
    • Prior contest winners within the last 6 months are not eligible to enter and/or win in this contest. This allows us others to have the chance to win
    • You must be 18 years or older to enter. Void where prohibited
    • The (9) winners will be selected via a random-type draw after the conclusion of the contest
    • Winners will receive the numbered item based on the order in which the winners were selected. For example, the first winner will win item #1 above, and so on
    • Clarifications and/or corrections to the rules of this contest may be made during the duration of the contest
    Let's do it!!

    Who's interested in some high quality leather bags, briefcases, shoulder bags & duffels?
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  2. never behind

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    I’d probably go with the messenger bag. Welcome to the new sponsor and thanks for the kind giveaway!

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  3. Fading Fast

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    Welcome to our new sponsor - hope the partnership drives a lot of business your way.

    Hard to choose as they all look fantastic, but #1 would serve my needs best.
  4. MNJ83

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    Nice! I would love #1
  5. Matt S

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    It's great to see a new sponsor! The Handmade Leather Duffle Bag (8) looks amazing to me!
  6. CLTesquire

    CLTesquire Super Member

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    I would go with product #8.
  7. derum

    derum Suspended

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    The mens leather shoulder baglooks great.
    A fantastic giveaway from a quality sponsor!
  8. London380sl

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    Add me the messenger bag choice. This will replace the one that got slashed in Barcelona while I was on the subway :( earlier this spring.
  9. cellochris

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    Handsome leather. #8 gets my vote.
  10. R.M.B

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    #3 is my favorite. It looks like it can handle a big load. It also looks masculine enough for me that I would finally be able to use something like it in public.

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