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My gift arrived today (see pics below).

A heartfelt thank you to both AAAC and Moral Code.

First a note to MikeL - I know you worked hard when the original company left AAAC holding the bag - kudos, you and AAAC went above and beyond to fill the void.

And a much deserved compliment to Moral Code. The company was a pleasure to work with. Despite it being a gift from the company to me, the representative at Moral Code made me feel like a valuable client.

Also, the product itself is very nice. The leather is buttery soft with that wonderful new leather smell. The stitching and details (the quiet and not-sharp-edged zipper, for example) are thoughtfully done. Very nice value. Moral Code is on my short list for my next leather good or shoe purchase.

Thank you again to AAAC and Moral Code, FF



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My prize showed up on my door step yesterday. The good folks at Todd Shelton rewarded me with a 100 dollar gift card. I used it toward a pair of these awesome Indigo Nuevo Raw Denim jeans that were made just for me. The cool thing about the Todd Shelton brand are the size options. Instead of ordering a waist size 28, 30, 32, you are able to go 28, 29, 30, 31, and so on. Same with the inseam. It works for me since I'm always caught in between sizes. I worked with a gal named Amy that really did an awesome job ensuring I got exactly what I wanted in the exact size that I needed. Quality denim jeans that fit me to a tee. Super impressed and super stoked to become a returning customer in the future. Again, many thanks to everyone at Todd Shelton for making this experience a GREAT ONE! Cheers.



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Awesome stuff @dragan!! (nice shoes btw).

Thanks for sharing the update, the photo, and for the kudos to our great friends over at @toddshelton-brand.

A great success story!