how do you keep your shoes from smelling bad?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by illmaticnyc, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. clemsontiger

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    My farts smell like roses.
  2. acidicboy

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    Foot odor is usually caused by bacteria thriving in hot, humid areas like your feet. Best way to eliminate it is stopping the growth of bacteria. I suggest washing your foot with some anti-bacterial wash like Betadine.
  3. DocD

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    I do not recommend daily washing with Betadine, since it can cause too much drying of the skin and eventual cracking and fissuring. Sorry.

    There is an excellent product that many of my patients utilize that can be purchased and it is applied directly to your feet. It helps bromhidrosis and hyperhidrosis (smelly and sweaty feet) significantly. The product is called ONOX. Please see if they have a website and/or sell to the public, I know they sell through doctor offices. It's a product that I highly recommend to prevent odor/sweating.

    Some people have success by simply dedicating a stick deodorant/anti-perspirant for their feet. Instead of using it for their underarms they use it daily for their feet and it can work very well. But once again, ONOX is a great product.

    As far as the odor already present in your shoes, I will defer that question to the cobblers that deal with leather and shoes as their profession.
  4. acidicboy

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    Yeah. Sorry I failed to mention that you shouldn't use Betadine everyday. Thanks DocD. That ONOX sounds good too.
  5. arturostevens

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    As you can, slowly get 12 to 15 pairs of shoes. Shoe tree them with cedar trees. Rotate them. Wear nice Birkenstock clogs at home and relax the feet there, treeing up your leather treasures. Get high quality shoes, and rotate them around and have some lesser shoes for kicking around. I have, for example, about 25 pairs of shoes. I am an attorney and need to wear the dressy leather shoes to work most of the time, and so I do that. When I get home, I may slip into a pair of Ted Baker boots or Birkenstocks or even New Balance running shoes. I have recently gotten some To Boot New York boots for jeans to wear as I do the Ted Bakers. Nice to alternate and get loose.

    If you do this, and slowly acquire a number of nice shoes and rotate them, they will not smell like the necrotic underbelly of a rotting dead mule. I guarantee that.
  6. Bonhamesque

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    "Now scientists like to call this disease bromhidrosis but us regular folks know this exquisite little inconvenience by the name of.... STINKFOOT!"

    "My Python boot is too tight,
    I couldn't get it off last night.
    A week went by, my girlfriend cried - you got STINKFOOT!"

    "Your stinkfoot puts a hurt on my nose,
    Could you rinse it off do you suppose?"

    - Frank Zappa. :icon_smile_big: :aportnoy:
  7. JayJay

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    Cedar shoe trees, daily.
  8. eagle2250

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    I rotate mine and always use cedar shoe trees.
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    Having lived through an athletic teenage son and his friends i can concur that gold bond powder works wonders. Preferably on the feet, but if the shoes can tolerate it (like sneakers) then by all means do so also.

  10. Rossini

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    Rotation and cedar trees as others have said. Obviously, good socks and leather shoes with leather soles help tremendously too.

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