how do you keep your shoes from smelling bad?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by illmaticnyc, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. asaffi

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    have you shoes ever got rain (with your feet inside them)? It's a major cause of bad smelling shoes, even if you powder/cedar tree/bath/etc.
    Try doing this:
    1-Wash your shoes with water and soap (it doesn't do them any harm) ;
    2-Stuff them with newspaper, until they get dry
    3- polish them. The smell is gone.
  2. Laxplayer

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    Powder for athletic shoes, and cedar trees for dress shoes. Powder would work for dress shoes too, but it's my athletic shoes that really stink after running or working out.
  3. BAB

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    what's the difference between cedar and beech trees in terms of their ability to absorb smell/moisture?
  4. Rossini

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    Cedar has a strong odour, and is a natural antiseptic. It is a low-density wood with the added value that it is relatively inelastic - so your trees won't change shape as the absorb. Beech doesn't quite match it but isn't a bad substitute. That's as far as I can gather anyway.
  5. ilikeyourstyle

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    This works perfectly. No powder required.
  6. I-love-my-feet

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    Yes, I can only agree!!! Cedar wood is the ultimate solution! I use special zederna cedarsoles daily. They give my shoes a very fresh aroma and prevent my feet from sudor and athlete's foot.
  7. GreenPlastic

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    Both cedar and beech are highly resistant to rot and tolerant of moisture, but cedar has the advantage of smelling a lot better. So of the two, I'd go with cedar.

    As for preventing shoe odor, I think what's already been said is solid advice. Always put cedar shoe trees in your shoes at the end of the day, and don't wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Ideally, give them even more time (48 hours or so) to rest in between wearings. But if you don't have a shoe collection large enough to warrant such a generous resting period, then at least go 24 hours in between wearings if at all possible. And if you've only got one or two pairs of dress shoes, well, time to stock up. ;)
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    The cedar trees alone were not doing the trick with a pair of vintage Johnston & Murphy shell cordovan crown aristocraft tassel loafers nor the two pairs of vintage shell plain toe Bostonians so I washed the innersoles and inner vamps with saddle soap and let them dry. They are now odorless even after 4th wearing each. The job worked so well with the J&Ms that the innersole is now the original off white again with no visible ball of foot or toe shadowing. After that intervention, I use the reconditioned (sanded, revived) cedar trees now and they are effective.
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  10. chava

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    Wash you feet thoroughly, wear clean socks, use cedar shoe trees for all leather shoes. That should do the trick.

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