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oh GOd.!
i like louis v uitton, but not that much. please

she loved it so much she made it her wedding dress! dang
:cry: :crazy: :eek:

oh and i didint even scroll down to see the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

good God!!!!!!!!

well, if they had fun because of it more to them. they look happy.
just if they spent an extra million dollars for that, it is foolish unless they had the money or someone gifted them that or it was some promotional thing.

man, you would think they can afford some nice set of wheels on that car if they are going to do that. LV hubcaps and a 30 year old 14 inch tire . damn.
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I will pay money for a shot of that car outside a LV shop, preferably a large one.

"To the LVmobile!"


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A PERFECT example of how status signifiers migrate through a culture until they take on a meaning directly opposite to the one they originally had. Perfect.


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Its definitely time to un-pimp that auto! (giving credit to those cool VW commercials of course).
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