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Nay. It's reversible. Take it apart, just the front. Unfold it. Iron it flat from the inside. Fold it back together. The original roll reappears. Then sew it back up. (While it's undone, narrow or widen it, if you choose). Don't sew? Start. A tie's a good (and easy) place to throw down your marker.
You speak the truth. However, you are old school. Trust me, I say that with the utmost respect. Frankly, I am jealous of the things that you can do. I have seen your work with shoes and other items. What you describe with this tie is not simple for someone who is not accustomed to deconstruction/reconstruction. Sometimes, it's easiest to cut your losses, learn from your mistake, and purchase another tie.


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There is another point that is overlooked, and that is the interlining of the tie. When the tie is pressed hard, the interlining is pressed flat and loses it looseness. That results in thinness of the tie.

While @Peak and Pine's method will resolve the edge issue, the looseness of the interlining cannot be restored.

A new interlining may be required, but that is moving towards to rebuilding the tie so consider whether you want to make this as a DIY project.


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I tried one trick and it worked in my case. I inserted a wooden stick about 1 cm in diameter inside the tie and used as ironing board for the edge of the tie (it is only useful for the sides of the tie not the edges at the sharp tip of the blade). If this will not work the only way as Peak and Pine said is to recraft the tie yourself (it is really easy and fascinating) or send it for recrafting service.

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Lots of good posts.
In the end if the tie is inexpensive play with some of the above suggestions and you will see some improvement but not a new tie.

If the tie is a luxury tie, or was given to you by someone special you will need to take the tie apart and possibly replace the interlining and then gently flatten the silk and remake the tie.

Expensive and time consuming...
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