How to wear a polo coat (photos)...

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Doctor Damage, Jan 23, 2006.

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    Brooks has nice one in some kind of tweed, looks great and on sale. Somebody please buy one.
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    Tangentially related point:

    Several of the polo coats I've seen are 6x3-- that is they could button with three buttons, but are typically rolled to 2. What about the inside button? Is that placed on the middle row (assuming a balance with the roll 2 on the other side) or top row? Does anyone actually use that third top button?
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    Occasionally; and I don't think that it looks too bad fully buttoned, even though it was cut for me to roll it to the central row.
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    A choice of two and you say "yes"?
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    Does anyone know how one might go about purchasing a polo coat in a cream or stone-colored camel hair (as opposed to the tans and light browns that are currently on the market)? My understanding--and this may be incorrect--is that the original polo coat was a cream and/or stone color. Thanks.
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    'Sorry. That's what happens when one tries to do too many things at work.

    The inside button is behind the central row, not the top, because the coat was cut -- the lapels were constructed -- to roll to that row. Had the coat been cut to roll to the top row, I'd expect to find the inside button behind the top row.
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    The cloth is out there, so a tailor could make it for you. Such a light-colored coat would look smashing -- the first few times that you wore it.
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    I think I read that Tom Wolfe changes outfits three or four times a day.
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    Glad to see many have liked this thread. Polo coats intrigue me, since they are kind of old-world yet still widely available. However, I wonder if BB had stopped making their polo coat a few decades ago whether anyone else would still offer one, at least RTW (I'm thinking Ben Silver in particular, who unfailingly offer a polo coat for fall/winter). If BB had dropped polo coats, would interest in the buying public have also declined, such that they wouldn't be commonly available today?

    Tom B.: Very grateful for your info on the Indian polo players, since that seems to be the 'missing link' about the origins of polo coats. Please post those pictures, if you can.

    mpcsb: No polo coats in my closet...yet. I hope to remedy that this fall with a BB, although I am kind of leery of camel hair, since I don't think it would last too long. The tweed version would be nicer, but BB will probably not bring it back. Ben Silver of course, makes them too, but they seem a little too high quality for my tastes; for me, overcoats need to be tough and long-lasting, not luxurious. I may be able to find a one-season-only coat from another brand, but we'll see. Anyway, it's far too early for the new fall/winter season, so I must content myself with saving up the cash so that I am ready to go.

    ZegnaM: Being a retriever person myself (Golden), and living in Canada, I know all about wet and smelly dogs!

    Roger: I'd say polo coats need to be (1) double-breasted, (2) below the knees in length, (3) belted (full or half-belt), (4) made of wool or camel (i.e. not cotton), (5) patch pockets, and (6) turn-up cuffs. BB of course offers a single-breasted polo coat but that I think is a bastard style, and best ignored by AAAC members.

    As for general styles, the image below seems the best summary. As noted by Concordia, there are different buttoning methods. The image below is a "6 buttoning to 6", while BB does "6 buttoning to 4", and Ben Silver seems to offer "6 buttoning to 6 but rolled to 4" (sort of a 'sack' buttoning).


    Belts are mostly half-belts in North America, but I suspect Brits might be more prone to go with full belts and larger collars/lapels (see the example in Roetzel's book, and a photo of Prince Charles I posted a few weeks ago).

    rws: Using company time to post on internet forums? Oh wait, that how this thread got started...:)

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    Yes. Fortunately, I own the company. (Of course, it isn't a very big company.)

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