How to wear a polo coat (photos)...

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Doctor Damage, Jan 23, 2006.

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    Thanks for your explanation and, in fact, the whole thread, Doctor; it's precisely the kind that makes this such a great forum and source of learning. One little point about the button format: I've seen references to "6 X 3" and "6 X 2" to indicate that a coat has 6 buttons with the 3 (or 2) on the right side actually fastening via the buttonholes. Maybe another way of stating the "6 with 3 actually buttoning" is "6 buttoning to 6", as you have put it. And "6 buttoning to 2" would become "6 buttoning to 4" using your system. Do I have this right or am I just confused after a long day?

  2. Doctor Damage

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    I woke up late last night realizing that I had forgotten two very important parts of the 'definition' of polo coats I had posted yesterday: "...(5) patch pockets, and (6) turn-up cuffs."

    Roger, I have no idea how to call those buttoning systems, I simply use what I am comfortable with. I have the sinking feeling that there is no hard-and-fast system, since every book I have on men's clothing describes it differently. Someone like Manton needs to be consulted; perhaps we can start a thread on this...yes, I will dig up some diagrams and we can consult the senior AAAC members.

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    I disagree with the comment that overcoats shouldn't be luxurious. And I think that the Polo Coat is the most elegant type of overcoat. It can be dressed up or down especially when it's camel or camel colored.

    and I put my money where my mouth is! I recently purchased 8 yards of absoultely virgin vicuna that hasn't seen the light of day since 1949. It was discovered in an attic of one of the grandchildren of the mill owner. Unlike the modern vicuna, this has slight gradations of shading.

    Mike Cohen of Oxxford has graciously agreed to use some of my material to make a coat -- and the choice was for a classic American-style Polo.
    It will be a real treasure when it's done and I should have enough fabric left for another one if and when this one wears out!
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    Terrific photos!

    Did anyone happen to see the J. Press DB polo coat this year? Any comments?
  5. Harris

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    Wow. Color me impressed. I've wanted to have a polo coat custom made for some time. The polo coat is that rare breed of clothing that's simultaneously (formally) elegant and casual. Cheers, Harris
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    Please post pics of the fabric and the overcoat when is done.
  7. nicksull

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    Has anyone bothered to identify Rene Lacoste yet?

  8. Tomasso

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    Rene"The Crocodile"Lacoste
  9. rojo

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    Yes. I wanted one like nobody's business, but I can't afford such an extravagance (not when I already have a closet full of outerwear) until I sell my house.
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    Yes, I liked it. In fact, I started an earlier thread asking for others' opinions. It is a bit darker than the camelhair I am used to seeing. How do people enjoy the coat?

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