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Now we are talking role models. "Saint Walter" basically developed American football. In fact, he was so Trad in his thinking that he resisted the forward pass. If the coat is good enough for Walter Camp, it is good enough for every man.
Lombardi's coat looks more like a British Warm sans epaulets.


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Brooks Brothers still sell these - Their coats have a half belt across the back, rather than a belt that goes completely around the coat, but I think that is more correct for a polo coat these days.

A few other US companies also sell them - e.g., Paul Stuart (a beautiful but expensive store in NY) and Ben Silver (primarily a catalogue compay, but also a store in Charleston).

I have never seen these in the UK. I have one, and when I wear it in London, I get comments from my colleagues that I look like a gangster.

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DougNZ said:
Yes, a number of those look like British Warms.
The differences are significant, however: although not all polo coats have cuffs, they do generally have larger lapels, whereas the British warmer, in its purest form, has lapels/collar cut similar to a D-B suit and generally unable to be buttoned across (or at least no more than a D-B suit could be).


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A Brooks Brothers camel polo coat I purchased last fall:

I really wanted one and all that remained was a 42 long. I purchased it despite the fact I usually wear a 42 regular. One of these days I might get the sleeves tuned up if that is possible.


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Is this style still available anywhere? I am considering to commission this with my HK tailor...

Closest look we could get for Big Black Book was this from Polo. Its awesome. But not cheap....although its v solid so should last you a life time.


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I'm looking for polo coats or topcoats online, and wondering how they're sized. They seem to have the same dimensions as suit coats. I wear a 42 suit coat -- that's usually 19" shoulder to shoulder. But 42 polo coats also seem to be 19" shoulder to shoulder, so apparently there's no allowance for what's under it. That would tell me I probably need a 44 polo coat. Does that seem right?


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I tend to agree - i think you can go a little bigger with a polocoat as they are supposed to be a little dressing-gown like. They certainly dont need to be trim or tight. That said one of the reasons you go bigger is that the cloth in an authentic one is way thicker (often a double face) than normal modern topcoats. So you need a little more room.