I met Scott Anderson today!!

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Andy, Dec 9, 2008.

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    I met Scott Anderson today!!

    THE Scott Anderson from Anderson-Little Navy Blazers (Anderson-Little Classic BLUE) http://www.Andersonlittle.com

    We met in Beverly Hills and had lunch and I got a good look at the Blazer everyone has been talking about here:


    This blazer sells for, ready, only $139 and so I was very sceptically about it. But it's not only good looking; it's an amazing value. Much more value that you can expect in any $139 garment!! I just ordered one after seeing it today!!

    Granted it's not a custom made Brioni blazer, but for the price, the workmanship, the style it's a wonderful value. It's perfect for a student in High School or College that needs a basic blazer. It's perfect for anyone getting started in business and for me it will be the ideal travel blazer.

    Scott who said on the other thread that he is not a magician, but he really is one. During our lunch he said look at this, and he folded up the Blazer and SAT on it during the rest of lunch!!! :eek:

    After lunch we looked at it and it was unwrinkled. That sold me on the idea of wearing it on an airplane! It has polyester in it, but the fabric is not shiny in any way. It looks great, and the style is classic.

    BTW Scott is a great guy, very dedicated to providing the best value he can in an Anderson-Little Blazer. He's fun and generous. But don't let any of this talk about him personally influence your opinion about the Anderson Little Blue Blazer! :icon_smile_big:

    And prominately displayed in the inside collar of the Blazer is a tag with "Made In The USA"!!
  2. Mannix

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    That's cool. I'm thinking about getting one, looks nice and very versitile.
  3. subourbonite

    subourbonite New Member

    I felt this deserved a bump, because Scott Anderson seems to be a very stand-up guy, trying to make a quality, economical item.
  4. PJC in NoVa

    PJC in NoVa Connoisseur

    I'll probably be in the market for a travel blazer in '09, and I'm going to give Scott's 2-button model a try. He does seem like a man whose heart is in the right place.
  5. Chi

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    I don't need this blazer but I am going to buy one simply because I like the story.
  6. Zara

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    I have one of these blazers, I love it! I really want to get a couple more.
  7. JohnRov

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    I needed one on short notice and Scott sent me two sizes and called me and spent not less than 20-30 minutes on the phone with me making sure it would get to me on time, that we would have the right size, and then just talking about his business and general chit chat. I second the vouch for his character!
  8. WouldaShoulda

    WouldaShoulda Suspended

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    I wore mine today.

    Fits great and its wrinkle free!!
  9. Jovan

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    I thought this was the infamous "Saladgate" thread when I saw it brought from the dead by WouldaShoulda.
  10. new shoes

    new shoes Starting Member

    How is the fit? I'm a slim, athletic build guy that usually has to wear Fitzgerald suits from Brooks Brothers to get the right fit. How is this cut compared wtih a Fitzgerald?

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