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^^My friend, I agree completely with your post above and truth be known, just two weeks ago I placed an order with Brooks Brothers online for a resupply on their Clark's Advantage chinos, rather than driving to Orlando to buy them directly from their brick and mortar location. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit this, but the combination of convenience, added economy and frontdoor delivery is hard to resist! :oops::(

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I am originally from Sandy Eggo County. Anthony's Fish Grotto was the place for fish and seafood, the main location was San Diego on a pier by the Maritime Museum. Always packed, usually taking about half hour or more to get a seat. The city got greedy and terminated their lease or and refused to help them with a new location. Not sure if the location in El Cajon down the road from the home where grew up is still there.

This got me wondering how John Pernicano was doing, amazingly still alive, though his children apparently will close the business: https://www.pbmonthly.net/dining/sd-cm-pb-pernicanos-santa-20190109-story.html. What a shame!

John is a family friend and bet still would remember me. I can still remember him saying good by to my Grandmother when found out she had cancer and only about another month. When we visit my maternal grandparents this be where we go for dinner, especially birthdays, as five minute drive (they lived in the hills of La Jolla). For those times, we get a bag full of weird odds and ends, only later look back and see how special. I have never had true Sicilian pizza anywhere else and of course nothing American compares. Guess if do make it back, have to go one last time and say good by. That be the last thing of what I grew up with to be gone (and have seen a lot go as El Cajon became a big city, people quit having hobbies, and online shopping became the norm).

I have a memory of a clothing shop where no racks, just tables and shelves piled high, like that picture. Makes me wonder where it was, could have been the Ascot Shop in La Jolla before the recent remodel as my maternal Grandfather's source for sartorial clothing (including then future son-in-law).

Oh and John the tailor from Hong Kong has disappeared. He was amazing, no need for a lot of words, might just be a look and knew nothing could be done to that item (for example a coat given to me). Only after he disappeared did I find out was from Hong Kong and trained tailor, not sure why only did alterations. Makes me wish he had stayed longer and could have had an apprenticeship. The only good tailor in San Diego county is no more.


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It's been that way since 911. Back around the time that the Department of Homeland Security was established.
In recent years I've been able to travel into Canada and back with an enhanced driver's license. I'm pretty sure if you have one of those a passport isn't required.


Unfortunately: They provide travelers with a low-cost, convenient alternative to a passport for entering the United States from Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean through a land or sea port of entry, in addition to serving as a permit to drive. The states of Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Vermont and Washington State are currently the only states issuing these enhanced drivers licenses. This license cannot be used for air travel in any of the above mentioned countries.