Is Alden more expensive cordovan better that C&J and Carmina?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by AleksejsN, May 16, 2019.

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    ...which also happen to be the colours of the Union Flag (or Union Jack as it is popularly known). :)
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    LOL! Well played and there is just so much truth in what you said. ;)
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    Not to mention France, The Netherlands, Australia, Cuba, etc. I've never understood the notion that this colour combo is somehow uniquely American.

    But what were we talking about again? Oh yeah - shell. Alden's shell isn't "better" than that of any other manufacturer who sources their shells from Horween.
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    I have a couple pairs of Aldens and a couple pairs of C&J (not all are cordovan). C&J has demonstrably better finishing and attention to detail, especially in the stitching. On the other hand, I stick with Alden for cordovan. As others have noted, Alden's Color 8 is unique, and I like it better than C&J's offering, which is a bit more red. I also think the blocky Alden lasts and construction tends to look better with cordovan, especially with loafers.

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