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I've noticed that the 3 button has slowly disappeared from racks and shown up en masse to the resale sites. I know that fashion ebbs and flows but to me it seems that the 3 button (maybe not 3 roll 2) may be gone forever. I was looking through my jackets and all the 3s look incredibly dated despite some being younger than several 2 buttons I wear regularly. Anybody feel that we're likely to see them back or should I ship mine off to the charity box?


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Personally, I'd heed Mr. Burgess' advice and wear what you enjoy and feel you look good in, fashion be damned!

Will they ever be fashionable again? Not likely in my lifetime, but that's not a very big span on the fashion wheel. More concerning is that the suit/sport jacket itself is in serious jeopardy in the next 10 to 20 years.

Sorry guys, it's flip-flops, cargo shorts and T-shirts forever after! But life is as you chose to live (dress) in it. Be your own man.


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I have a couple of 3 button jackets as well as a couple of 3/2 roll. If well fitted they still look great so wear them....

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I love a 3-button jacket as long as the lapel has some kind of roll. The lapel doesn't need to roll to the middle button, it just needs to have at least a little roll at the top button so it looks okay with only the middle button fastened. The bad '90s style 3-button jackets with a flat lapel fold at the top never looked good. But a classic Savile Row 3-button suit still looks good today. Prince Charles is now wearing them again, and his lapel rolls to just below the top button, this fully showing the top button.

I think that just about any style that is done well can still look good, even if it's very unfashionable. I've never been a fan of reverse pleats on trousers, but when the pleats are cut just right and are placed in exactly the right location, the style looks great. A good Italian tailor vs Armani doing the same style trousers will not have the same result.
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