Is there an occasion to wear this?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by TerryM, May 10, 2019.

  1. Color 8

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    Well the little clutch bag certainly doesn't help.
  2. JBierly

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    Part of the "look" apparently. I could bloviate about gender specific clothing but as SG 67 stated, I too am not looking to get banned for life. I think the point is clear - for those of us who like traditional men's clothing this outfit adds effeminate elements that are incongruous at best. (short sleeves, short pants, short jacket, and as you point out, the clutch). Ballers can get away with it (I guess?)
  3. Troones

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    I think its been said here before, but women's business clothing used to emulate men's (the 80's "power suit".) Now its the other way around. Its also my theory that its the reason all men's odd jackets are now called "blazers" in clothing stores and several fashion blogs. Because that's what women's odd jackets tend to be called.
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  4. cosmotoast

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    I guess it's just the modern thing for celebrities and Hollywood elite to dress as idiotic and as tasteless as possible. I've never seen an outfit this ridiculous looking in my life.
  5. fishertw

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    Perhaps in Bermuda.(but then again- I've never been to Bermuda, and if this was the norm, I don't think I'd want to go.)
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  6. Oldsarge

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    No, in Bermuda the traditional businessman's short suit fits much better.

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  7. paul winston

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    Back in the 60s my father and Josh Tonkle, who was the chief honcho at Haspel, created the "shacket" - a natural poplin suit where the jacket had short sleeves and the trousers were shorts. To call it a failure would be kind. The saving grace was they had cloth held aside to make standard sleeves and regular trousers.
    Who ever liked what you were wearing would have liked the "shacket".
    Paul Winston
  8. paxonus

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    I saw something very close to this yesterday in downtown LA. It was single breasted, powder blue worn by a very young, very thin fellow who seemed to wear it with ease.
  9. Dhaller

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    "I can't believe Tiffany and Chad are having an underwater ceremony. What can I wear which will be stylish and dressy yet form-fitting and compatible with SCUBA gear?"

    - "I'm glad you asked. Come with me!"

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  10. TKI67

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    I love that look. In school, in the the late spring when temperatures were in the eighties and our ancient un-air conditioned buildings were stifling, we were permitted to go there. It was wonderful.
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