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Is there any place in "Black Tie" for a wing collar?

I scored a removable wing collar from Brooks Brothers. I've read a few lines of information but didn't see any for or against wing collars for "Black Tie".

I know that wing collars are definately for "White Tie" but what about "Black Tie"? I've seen quite a few classic films from the 40's and 50's where wing collars were worn with "Black Tie" (but doesn't mean it's correct).


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No. Like opera pumps, wing collars should not be worn at Black-tie events.

However, most of the people would not know and or care.


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One may "correctly" wear a wing-collar shirt with a tuxedo in the United States. Ditto for opera pumps. The wing looks best, in the view of many, with a peak-lapel jacket.

These aesthetic preferences and practices are apparently frowned upon in the UK. It's a jurisdictional issue: follow the law of your location. Analogy: we don't drive on the left in the USA, even though it's "correct" to do it that way in London.


Absolutely. I have no idea what the naysayers are on about. The wing collar (detachable collar, of course) long predates the turn-down collar for black tie wear.

To prove the point, here's Jeeves, the quintessential gentleman's personal gentleman, fitting his man into black tie rig, complete with wing collar:



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Even in the UK, you will have many people wearing wing-collars.

Then you have the over-dressed, who try to bring white-white into black-tie.


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I like a stiff starched high detachable collar on a stiff starched shirt for black tie, with a single breasted peaked lapel grosgrain one button dj and low cut waistcoat, high cut trousers and braces etc. With satin/notch/shawl/cummerbund etc, not for me. And with an attached wing collar, never, they are abominations.

If it's good enough for Poirot, then it's good enough for me!
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