Items of 'classic' menswear you just don't like?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Skipperino, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Skipperino

    Skipperino New Member

    Great Britain
    Anyone else have the odd item of menswear, considered 'classic' to most, indespensible to some, that you just don't like? My own pet dislikes are (and I don't quite know why):

    *Pocket squares. Very rare I wear them, except on the most formal of outfits (and even then, not always).

    *Bouttonieres. See above.

    *Opera pumps in white tie. I just don't think it looks right with trousers (breeches would be another matter)

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  2. Matt S

    Matt S Connoisseur

    United States
    New York
    The oxford-cloth button-down shirt is one for me. I don't have a problem with oxford cloth or with button-down collars, but I don't like the way the shirts are usually designed. The collars are too low and too narrow and the cuffs are too short for my taste. These days they always have a pocket, which I don't like on most shirts. I can't stand the box pleat in back. I'd be open to the idea of having one made to my own specifications, but it wouldn't look like the BB classic.
  3. EdwardWilson

    EdwardWilson New Member

    United States
    You'd hate my style. I wear linen pocket squares everyday. And a flower in my lapel. I couldn't imagine putting on a suit or sport coat without both.

    Agree with Matt S, Oxford shirts and definitely button down collared shirts are not for me.

    Not a fan of black shoes, or cap toe shoes. They both scream boring and uninspired.

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  4. Audi S5 TC

    Audi S5 TC Advanced Member

    The Lofts Apartments
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    New York
    Outside of formal wear, I no longer like the color black for any clothing, jewelry, shoes and watches. I wore it so much as a teenager and young adult that I’m sick to death of it.
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  5. richard warren

    richard warren Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    United States
    Boring and uninspiring is rather the point of black cap toe oxfords. Many people can only aspire to boring and uninspiring, and would look a lot better if they could ever achieve it.

    I think the term “pocket square” is unfortunate, but sometimes like to put a white, colored, or patterned handkerchief of cotton, linen, or silk in my breast pocket (actually, it’s the third handkerchief).
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  6. SG_67

    SG_67 Connoisseur

    United States
    Tassel loafers. I don’t get it.
  7. At Law

    At Law Senior Member

    United States
    I love tassel loafers.
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  8. EdwardWilson

    EdwardWilson New Member

    United States
    The term is not unfortunate, it is simply precise. There is a difference between a pocket square and handkerchief.
  9. delicious_scent

    delicious_scent Super Member

    Amusing, I've been wanting black tassel loafers.

    Tassels to me have a bit of a jauntier vibe than other types of loafers.


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  10. ItalianStyle

    ItalianStyle Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    My personal list (and these are by no means general rules, just my own personal dislike...)

    - Tasseled loafers... in fact anything with tassels (only one step away from ruffled shirts)
    - Split-toe shoes (just don't like the look)
    - Chukkas (yes, I know... I'm a minority here. To me they look like a cobbler started to make a boot from the sole up and when he got to the ankle he ran out of material or lost interest and just rudimentary cut them off)
    - Tie bars (so 1980s...)
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