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From the article "Getting to Know the Top Five Antique Roadshow Appraisers"

Nicholas D. Lowry

Nicholas D. Lowry is the president of the prestigious Swann Auction Galleries. Swann is a New York City native, and member of a family of respected dealers of antiquarian books. He was educated in New York, Germany and England. He earned a B.A. in history from Cornell University and settled in Prague. While living in Prague, he was an English teacher, journalist, author and radio presenter. He returned to New York after four years to join Swann Galleries. In addition to his duties as President, he enjoys serving as the Director and principal auctioneer of the Poster department. He avidly collects posters from the historic Czechoslovakia.

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That looks like it is made from flannel shirting. He has a bunch of others in different colors that look exactly the same.

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I'll start, I don't like the PS. I like the jeans, belt, shirt and tie together and kinda/sorta like the sport coat with it, but something is holding me back. I think the jeans and sport coat don't fully work together and the jeans need to be swapped out for tailored pants.
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