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I have the AWW and many other pair of Aldens but I've always found my AWW to fit a little more snugly than other shoes on the Barrie last. If you are in NYC as your profile says, it might be worthwhile to go into Moulded Shoe and be properly fitted. Even if you aren't purchasing from them, they are a very customer-oriented store.
I'l try Mouded Shoe; I see from their website they do orthotics. I read that all professional tennis players have custom orthotic insoles. Anyone have any thoughts on how to get them? There are mail order, or you can go to a podiatrist, though podiatrist might be too expensive (but might be covered by health insurance). I have bought the superfeet insoles with the hard plastic; they are pretty good; but not cheap, last one I bought was $50 on Amazon. If I can get custom mail order orthotics for $130, why not, its a little more than the price of two high-instep superfeet insoles. I tried the hard plastic customizable insoles that you put in boiling water and bend to the shape of your foot, but not convinced that is the best way--I read that you want to make the insole so that your ankles are straight and the bones in the foot/ankle are alligned, not just mold to the shape of your foot--the shape of the foot is what is causing the problem. Anyone have any experience with orthotics?