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You might also try Pelleteria Grazia:


There are several nice briefcases in the $300-$400 range. I have the Calf Leather Briefcase in black (https://www.pelletteriagrazia.com/en/leather-briefcases/35279-cartella-professionale-pelle-business-2220-2030007325.html) and have carried it for 3 years as a daily briefcase and for travel. It is holding up rather well and I've been very pleased with it. The bag frequently draws appreciative glances and compliments. It is not too big and holds quite a lot.

It is NOT padded, but there is a sleeve inside the back half compartment that accommodates an iPad or slim notebook (a MacBook Air fits nicely); for me, a neoprene sleeve for the iPad and thin/light leather sleeve for the MacBook are sufficient protection--the bag never gets checked and never goes in the overhead compartment, so serious abuse is unlikely. I never carry both the iPad and the MacBook, though I suppose one could carry both: the compartment is large enough, though the sleeve inside will only fit one or the other. Either the back or front compartment can easily accommodate a couple of moderately-sized books as well, though I find a Kindle much more suited for traveling "with books" (I do, however, much prefer the feel and experience of reading a real book).

I have seen these bags frequently over the past few years at various Marshalls stores around the U.S. at a pretty good discount; the one I carry was about $100 and they are not much more than that now when I see them.

Good luck to you!

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@EponymousFunk - Thank you for your acknowledgement. We've addressed the post you're referring to.
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