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Oh, no doubt about it.
Thank you for the compliment.

Odd thing is I struggled through English classes and loathed them. My Dad has a gift for editing, having edited many books (don't know how many as didn't want it known and never was given credit, his last took over two years because the book was not finished before the author passed). Maybe some gene got passed that didn't see full potential as didn't have the right instructors. Even had someone say with my word crafting too bad didn't go into acting. Life is sure strange.


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Then I thank your Dad and Grandfather.

My Great Grandfather was career Army, serving in the trenches of France during World War One and Engineer Corps designing and over seeing building bases in Nebraska, Los Angles, and Camp La Jolla, then Reserves during Korea. I do remember him, stoic though warm and wonderful dry sense of humor.
Thanks. My granddad was USNA class of ‘04. He took his midshipmen cruises on the Chesapeake, a square rigger, and served through WWI and WWII. Dad was USNA class of ‘38. He commanded destroyers in WWII and the flagship of the Cuban missile blockade. He also had an interesting tour of shore duty overseeing the Lawrence Radiation Lab back in the late fifties. I kept things shiny.