Life's minor luxuries

Discussion in 'The Interchange' started by Haffman, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Haffman

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    A few weeks ago, in a thread dedicated to the subject of plain old soap, Mr Shaver used the phrase "[it] is simply one of life's minor luxuries" (when referring to his fondness for Musco soap).

    I find this phrase quite pleasing and it has got me thinking about those other minor luxuries that we may enjoy and wish to share. In keeping with the definition of luxury, these would be "desirable for comfort and enjoyment, but not indispensable". They would be minor in the sense that, unlike many of the luxuries that we discuss here like bespoke suits and handgrade shoes, they may be had relatively easily an inexpensively, if one seeks to find them.

    I have posted this on the interchange since the subject crosses clothing, grooming and so forth.

    What are the minor luxuries which make your life more enjoyable?

    Some of mine are :

    Good quality shaving products;- I use creams and soaps from Taylor of Old Bond Street and Truefitt & Hill

    Proper caffeinated beverages;I eschew instant coffee and like to get proper ground beans (Monmouth Coffee Company) and good quality tea leaves (Fortnum & Mason)

    Decent shoe polish;since shoe leather is (or at least was) skin, it needs the best protection - so I like to use Saphir products

    Fresh socks - I really find one of life's great minor luxuries to be a new pair of socks. It's an excellent start to the day! I'm certainly not rich enough to have a new pair a day or anything like that, but I try and remember to invest in new socks at regular intervals (Pantherella and Falke)

    Well, there's some of mine...but there's always room in life for more minor luxuries so I'd really like to hear some of yours...?
  2. dks202

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    San Antonio
    There's one. I remember a move many years ago where a guy told someone he was so rich he could afford to wear a new pair of socks every day..... I always aspired to that... doubt if I'll make it.
  3. WouldaShoulda

    WouldaShoulda Suspended

    United States

    But something MUST BE DONE about the sock inequity in America.

    If those filthy fat cat 1%ers weren't sucking all the decent socks out of the economy, there would be enough socks for everyone.

    No socks,

    NO PEACE!!
  4. Shaver

    Shaver Connoisseur

    D R Harris shampoo, not only the inestimable pleasure of provenance but also a fad free and highly efficient product. Firm paste, no mess, gentle lather and bestows squeaky clean hair.

    Kent F3T comb. Hand made, saw cut. The most lauded manufacturer in the world. Who else could you trust your parting to?

    American Crew pomade. Concededly this item does not proclaim a Royal crest, but it should. Subtle masculine barber shop smell, water based and clear. This will hold hair but allowing it to remain soft and natural to the touch, unlike most other products.
  5. Howard

    Howard Connoisseur

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    New York
    nice clean socks
    good strong cup of coffee
    nice haircut
  6. Gurdon

    Gurdon Moderator

    United States
    Ironed handkerchiefs.
  7. eagle2250

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    Harmony, FL
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    The occasional Barbershop shave (steamed towels, heated shaving soap, straight razor...the works!); really good quality footwear (more than a luxury and almost a necessity.); a tightly woven, thick wool cardigan on a cold winter morning or evening; the small menagerie of God's creations that use our front proch, yard and woodlot as a playground, providing endless hours of entertainment for my wife and I.
  8. Snow Hill Pond

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    You're going to laugh, but I'm totally serious: Lunch at White Castles (4 sliders, crinkle cut fries, and a diet coke). When the nearest WC is 35 miles away, it certainly is a luxury.
  9. Snow Hill Pond

    Snow Hill Pond Advanced Member

    United States
    Merino wool socks, clean or otherwise.
  10. Canadian

    Canadian Super Member

    Prairie Fire hot wings.

    Decent hiking boots

    A car for even the shortest of trips

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