Lose the Pointy Shoes, Guys

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Jim, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Jim

    Jim New Member

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  2. DocHolliday

    DocHolliday Honors Member

    It's like we're in the Middle Ages and the pointy poulaine is being replaced by the comically oversized square toe, only in reverse.

    The pendulum certainly swings to extremes these days, doesn't it?
  3. Joe Frances

    Joe Frances Super Member

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    I prefer slightly pointy to square. Square is really bad.
  4. eagle2250

    eagle2250 Connoisseur/Curmudgeon Emeritus - Moderator

    Harmony, FL
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    Having read the article referenced in the OP, I find myself inspired to pull on my old Wesco Jobmasters (the ones with the Heavy vibram soles and the really blunt toes) and stomp around the house for a few hours...make a bunch of those black scuffs on the white porcelain kitchen floor, do a job on the marble in the foyer too! It's times like these that a real man's gotta let the "little woman" know who's the man around here! Santa and his elves are just a bunch sissies! ;)
  5. noble

    noble Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    Its just me but

    I can not bring myself to wear pointed or square toed shoes. Only the full and softly rounded toe for me.

  6. gng8

    gng8 Super Member

    Great article and pictures. I prefer less of the British round and full toe box and more of a lower and less round one.

    The pointy toe shoes pictured remind me of about 1960 when we wore black loafers with a 1/2" wide toe and white sox.
  7. michael69

    michael69 New Member

    absolutely! EG 202 is classic, and the 82.....
  8. eyedoc2180

    eyedoc2180 Super Member

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    Do you know what it is.....there are so many EXTREMELY cheap shoes made with the square toes, and so few quality ones (if any?). You just can't help but be biased against them. That, and the fact that they are butt-ugly.
  9. Mathew J

    Mathew J Active Member with Corp. Privileges

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    count me as odd man out but I would much rather square toe shoes to pointy ones as pictured above, I have one pair and another on order, granted they were both inexpensive but rather comfortable. Other than that traditional rounded fronts are about it...the elf or ladies look of the pointed shoe really does nothing for me.
  10. Literide

    Literide Advanced Member

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    Lets face it, its a small minority of business dressers overall who invest in, or even understand, quality footwear. Most are buying, almost yearly, whatever they perceive as fashionable and is priced appropriate for them. The pricing issue is of course highly subjective. I've seen really bad shoes, from across the price spectrum, on businessmen across the income spectrum.
    Those who buy for the long haul from the handful of quality makers widely discused here, while numerous among my close aquaintances, is not the norm.

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