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I've been using an ultrathin Dun Wallet ( in gun metal (less showy than silver) and really like it. It's a good compromise between wallet & card case. Only 4 slots for cards, of which I'm only using 2 (drivers license & 1 cc; other ccs are stored on phone) and a strap (not separate pocket) for bills in the very rare cases I carry them. While not as luxurious feeling as higher-end leather the very thinness makes it feel special. I was recently in Germany (more cash dependent, less cc) and it worked just fine with 5-8 bills. That said, now that I'm back home it's much nicer not carrying cash!


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I’m using this LV wallet which is compact (single fold) and discrete. Even the color is not LV. :)

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About 7 years ago I developed acute sciatica on my right side. I figured it was from my wallet, so I switched it to the left back pocket, and voila, the pain was gone in a week never to return. Then right after this past Christmas, I developed the most acute sciatic pain imaginable in my left leg and buttocks. At one point it was so crippling I actually considered seeing a doctor, so I looked in the mirror and said, “Nah, just keep taking the NSAIDS. I had moved the wallet to my front pocket and it took 2 months before the pain left me.

I have gotten my card carrying down to 6 slots, License, Insurance card, ATM, VISA, AMEX, Hospital ID. Unfortunatly the newer AMEX and Visa cards have become twice as thick and if handled properly can be used as a deadly weapon. I still cannot bring myself to walk around cashless, and prefer a variety of small bills, at least 5 Ones, 2 Fives, a Ten, and a couple of 20’s and a Hundred or two. The Hundreds can last for weeks since most all purchases are plastic, but for a cup of coffee, a quick roll, tips, the dirty water dog truck etc., cash is still convenient.

Last weekend, I made an impulse purchase of a Coach tone on tone breast pocket wallet. IMPULSE, I don’t know how durable it is, and didn’t care. The C/C is discrete and I just wanted to chuck the bi-fold. I find it unobtrusive in my overcoat and even a sports coat inside breast pocket, and it still fits comfortably into my front trouser pocket, leaving less of a bulge than a regular wallet. While it might not fit in the shorter pockets of jeans (which I never wear unless working around the house and yard), it is very liberating, and there is a bit of panache when pulling it out of one’s breast pocket. Makes you feel like you’re Fred Astaire in a 30’s movie.

I tell this to my patients, even though I did not follow this advice myself. “Never carry anything firm in your back pocket.” That and sleeping with your arm up above your head are the two most common, stupidly avoidable causes of Neuropathy. I have experienced both over the years, and now practice what I preach.


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I like wallets that can easily fit in my pants pocket and have storage to fit most of my money and cards that I carry.


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Momsdoc, my friend, I wish I had received that "Oh-so-true" advice/counsel way back when. I suspect I could have avoided substantial pain and discomfort! These days I carry my wallet in my front trouser pocket or frequently in the blouson breast pockets of my ever growing collection of fishing shirts. Thank you. ;)


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I love the money clip wallet from
It is minimal, slim, and can carry 7-8 cards easily. The hingless money clip is one of it's features I just love, it keeps the wallet thin while easily allowing you access to the bills you need. I had mine in Horween CXL in burgundy, and it developed a wonderful patina after six years of use. It would have easily lasted another several years but I was careless, I kept it accessible to where my dog found it last week and she loves chewing up fine leather! I'm getting ready to order another just like it.