I would look on ebay for 2nd hand ones. They don't get worn very often so you should be able to get a good one at a reasonable price. My last one got scratched by the cat so buying a 2nd hand one is certainly my plan next time I need to put on a dinner jacket/tuxedo.

For the measurements, take them off an existing suit that fits well and you'll be ok.


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Sometimes I feel like I should be working for Hardwick.:icon_smile_big: If you want an inexpensive tux (shawl or notch lapels), it is hard to beat this deal. http://menssuitseparates.com/mens-formalwear.html

One nice feature is the suit is offered as separates, helping to ensure a better fit for those who fall outside standard measurements. Not as nice as Brooks, but for something worn once or twice a year, it'll do.