What color should I go with?

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Possibly a silly question, but, could this be done to a pair of black shoes or is the underlying leather black as well?


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ok. I think that these are finally "done"...I really appreciate everyone's comments and encouragement during this whole thing. Overall, I am pretty happy with the results, but they are still a lot darker than what I had anticipated...and to think that the dye that I used was labeled as "medium brown"...I would have hated to have seen what they would have looked like if I used the "cordovan" color dye...they would have been close to black!

I think that one reason that the shoes ended up being merlot/burgundy is simply because of the amount of residual "red" that was left in the leather. It would have been interesting to have bleached the leather before applying the dye to see if that would have made a difference.

I think that it would have been interesting to have foregone the dye and just applied multiple coats on Meltonian brown shoe cream...I wonder how effective the cream would be at actually coloring the leather.

I also would have liked to experimented with "cutting" the dye with equal parts dye and rubbing alcohol...I think this might have made the dye a little easier to work with and allowed more control as to the depth of color that I applied.

Anyways...the total cost ended up being:
Shoes: $30
AE Polish: $9
Shoelaces: $1
Kelly's Dye: $5
Meltonian Cream: $2.50

Grand Total: $47.50

If anyone else trys this, I would love to see pictures and to hear how it goes.

Its almost hard to believe that these are the same shoes from the ebay auction...for kicks, here are the pics that were on the auction:


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Brilliant Job, they look much better than the original finish. Hard work I bet but its paid off, a bespoke par of shoes. Well done