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Great Britain
Okay; so I got hold of five new summery sports coats a few days ago; they are:

*A khaki linen SC, 2 button, notch lapel, 2x patch lower pockets, 1x vent(?) breast pocket

*A mid-yellow ('sand') linen sports coat, of basically the same cut as above

*A grey ('slate') linen sports coat, again much the same cut as the khaki one but with three buttons

*A grey linen sports coat, SB, 2B, notch lapels, blue elbow patches, blue stitching, this one has a patch chest pocket instead of a vented (?) one. It also has 'surgeon's' buttonable cuffs.

*Lastly, a mid blue cotton SC, of much the same cut as the khaki one, also with surgeons cuffs. The cotton has a weird texture, almost like corduroy, to it (it's definitely cotton though).

Any suggestions as to shirts, neckwear, and particularly trousers would be most appreciated as I haven't got a clue.

Many thanks, all.


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For trousers/chinos, I would go with any shade of mid-blue or darker. This should work with all of the above except for the navy sports coat.

For the others, wheat/british khaki coloured trousers/chinos should work well.

Shirts: white, pink, blue in solids or patterns should work fine.

Ties: Red knit tie should work for all of the above combinations.
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