New soles for Alden Kudu Chukka

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by seanm440, May 15, 2018.

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    F.Y.I. to all, heard from Nick V. and B. Nelson's commando soles are the English version I described. They're top quality, but heavy duty.

    Edit: Nick mentioned that the maker's name is Itside.
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    There is a true full commando from the same company that supplies Dainite. NickV has them, they are on my winter slush and snow Chelsea boots and work great. Nothing like Vibram. The Alden half sole commando is near worthless. It’s a thin leather veneer that tends to delaminate and allow water in at the half sole joint.
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    I could not agree more.
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    I [finally] decided to have my boots taken care of locally. I had Dainite soles installed. I think that they turned out quite well. Thanks you all for your suggestions. I'm most appreciative of member swils8610, who hooked me up with his cobbler.

    A few pics IMG_3658.jpg IMG_3659.jpg IMG_3660.jpg
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    Those refurbished kicks look ready to take on the next six years of serving your footwear needs!
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    I have shoes with low profile commando soles and I have shoes with Danite. The Danite sole gives good traction, and I am not surprised at all to hear people reference how long it lasts, but I don't like it - too hard. Just my two cents, but I prefer the low profile commando. Valid point made above about commando picking up debris that won't happen with Danite, and yes, there is more to the shoe than just the sole to determine how if feels when walking, but I just think the Danite feels too hard.
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    To be a broken record, to all, be certain to understand the dramatic differences that can pertain between soles which are all termed "commando."

    Typical Vibram brand commando sole -


    British commando sole -


    If it's not apparent, the cleats on the British sole are much deeper. The shoe or boot will look different, feel very different and perform differently.
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    It’s for the reason above I’m not a fan of the commando sole. I understand the practicality in certain environments as well as it’s ability to provide superior grip in snow and perhaps on ice, but I’m just not a fan of the profile and bulk.
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