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I have a Mercer university stripe, a Brooks 133Q, and three vintage Nautica must-iron's with 3-3.5 inch button down collars for special occasions. But that's not enough for daily wear and I don't have the money to stock up on ten Mercer's / BB / Ratio / O'Connells / J Presses / Proper Cloth / Gitman / Kamakura / Luxire etc.

What I've done is scour the Internet for the least costly options for a 3 inch BD with collar roll (this excludes many good options because of shorter collars, like Lands End, LL Bean, and J Crew).

I think I found it and its not what I expected: JC Penney Stafford Oxford Shirts in white and Oxford blue:


These have 3 inch collars and can be had for 15 dollars on sale. The secret is to move the button up by 1/4 (or 1/8 inch). They roll. They're poly blend of course but I'm not stressing out about stains like I am with my $165 Mercer shirt (alterations). Good way to diversify my wardrobe and have daily wear with a semblance of the insouciant New England traditional look like I'm in the 1980's.

If you must have all cotton, the best budget one is Spier Mackay. Their oxfords are brushed unfortunately but are all cotton must iron, I've read they have a 3.5 inch roll (is that correct)? and are at 54 CAD. With the 25% exchange rate difference and 20% discount this week, you are looking at $32/shirt, even less if you buy bulk. Probably the best trad ocbd deal I know of.

Input appreciated especially if you know of other budget options. I'm not saying these are Mercers but a good option to expand my wardrobe. My Stafford OCBD's have more than 50 washes and are going strong. That's less than 30 cents per wear, not bad for someone with old money values but not old money wealth :)

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Spier and Mackey was mentioned earlier in the thread. Does anyone have any other experience with their brushed oxford button down?
Lots of collar roll. However, I point out that Spier and Mackay is very slim fitting. Provided you're on the slimmer side, they're great, and I love my stuff from them. However, when I was a beefier fellow than I am now, I couldn't even get into one of their shirts in my neck size.

They really need to address that, as they miss out on a lot of folk who would appreciate their clothing items.

For example, larger me wore a size 17-34 tailored fit in LE Hyde Park comfortably, but a 17-34 contemporary fit spier and Mackay was laughably tight on me. Like, couldn't even close the buttons tight. I wore a size 44 suit at this time. I currently wear a size 40 suit, and a 17-34 contemporary fit spier and Mackay shirt fits me like a "classic cut" should.


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I’ve got two Spier and McKay ocbds on eBay....

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