odd jacket, dress shirt and odd trousers -- every day?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by chris2008, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. chris2008

    chris2008 Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    United States
    New York
    Is it perfectly fine to wear an odd jacket, dress shirt and odd trousers almost every time you go out?
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  2. cosmotoast

    cosmotoast Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    Of course it is. In the winter time I dress like that daily with a tweed jacket.
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  3. eagle2250

    eagle2250 Connoisseur/Curmudgeon Emeritus - Moderator

    Harmony, FL
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    I dressed as the OP suggests a lot more frequently than I do now, when I lived in NW Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania. Since relocating to central Florida I wear a (suit) jacket/sport coat on Sunday mornings for Church and frankly...that's about as far as it goes! :oops:
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  4. Charles Dana

    Charles Dana Honors Member

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    San Francisco
    I think its "perfectly fine" to dress that way "almost every time you go out"--if you think it's perfectly fine. To be on the safe side, though, you should consult an attorney licensed to practice in your state to make sure you're not violating any laws.
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  5. SG_67

    SG_67 Connoisseur

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    I don’t see why that would be cause for concern or inquiry.

    The logical question would be, “as opposed to what?”
  6. Oldsarge

    Oldsarge Moderator and Bon Vivant

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    Oak Grove
    I certainly have no desire to go anywhere without any shirt, trousers or jacket.
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  7. richard warren

    richard warren Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    United States
    Sure, if by “odd jacket” you means a sports coat or blazer or even (gasp) an orphaned suit jacket, “odd trousers” you mean a pair of pants, and “dress shirt,” you mean, well, a shirt, and if the occasion does not call for a suit.
  8. CLTesquire

    CLTesquire Super Member

    United States
    The obvious issue is you said “almost” every time. Under what conditions would you propose not to wear such an ensemble?
  9. JBierly

    JBierly Advanced Member

    United States
    Versus wearing a suit everyday? I think I wore a suit everyday this week with a freakin' tie. That's what I am talking about baby! Going to be getting warm soon and suits are too hot so get the wear in while the wearing is good!
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  10. JBierly

    JBierly Advanced Member

    United States
    Ok - more seriously - in what context? (going out where? - to the mall or to the office?) In todays dress code you are probably overdressed for most circumstances.

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