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It only happens one day a year, and that day is precisely 7 weeks from today. It's National Tweed Day!!! :happy:





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Being an avid bicyclist (three seasons only, never winter), I've often thought of going on a fall/spring bicycle tour called the Tweed Ride, in which people wear tweeds, cords, and other attire reminiscent of British country clothing, and ride -- what else -- their classic three-speed Raleighs, Humbers, Rudges, and other English-built bikes. Occasionally the attire is vintage, harking back to the turn of the last century.

Full disclosure: I have two fully original Raleigh three-speeds with all the fittings in my stable, along with racing bikes and one beloved, hand-built SBDU Ilkeston time trial bike from Raleigh (Specialist Bicycle Development Unit run by the great Gerard O'Donovan). This latter had a frame and fork of 753 Reynolds tubing that weighed only 3.2 lbs before I fitted it out with the rest of the stuff! The best bit of kit is a 1950s Smith stop-watch which time trial riders used to clip on to their handlebars.

And here's video of the Twin Cities ride, from Fall, 2012, I think, with accompanying bagpipe music:

The Tweed Ride may have originated in London (there's one there now), but there are several all over the US. They often end up becoming a kind of pub crawl on wheels, but the clothes and the gear add to the charm. Hmm, maybe we could combine Tweed Day with a Tweed Ride?