OTR Suits with Pleated Pants?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by kev959, Jun 14, 2019.

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    Hi, new to the forum. Great site with some really great tips. I'm in the market for a new suit. I'll admit I haven't needed to nor have I bought a new suit in a few years. I do want pleated pants as I'm athletically built and flat fronts generally show too much of the package. I've been looking online and I'm only finding OTR suits with flat fronts. I'm even considering going to MTM with Oliver Wicks just to get the pleated pants. Any suggestions on brands that have pleated pants or how to accomplish this? I'm looking to spend around $500-800.
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  2. SG_67

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    I think Brooks Brothers may have what you’re looking for in their Madison fit suits (do they still use that terminology?).
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    I think I should start doing whatever exercises you're doing! :idea:
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    Nah....just start wearing yoga pants everywhere.
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    Spier and Mackay (https://www.spierandmackay.com/) have some suits with high waisted single pleat trousers. If you are not into the slim-slim fashion, contemporary fit is the one you should check. Caution though, even the contemporary fit is still slim for some folks so check the fit guide for measurement to see if that is to your liking.
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    You are wise to want pleated trousers. All trousers, especially suit trousers should have pleats since they are practical so you can sit down and they are more slimming than flat front.

    Read some of the articles and FAQ from the Home Page.

    In Sweden today!
  7. richard warren

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    I had an urge to but a black suit after watching the return of Twin Peaks recently.

    I discovered Hart Schaffner and Marx still makes a suit in a more or less traditional fit with single pleats for a moderate price (i.e., around $700). Cannot testify to quality, but looked alright. The last Madison fit suit I bought was also ok. It was actually a BrooksCool suit I found to be really comfortable.
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    Which ones have single-pleat high rise pants? The one thing that made me send my S&M suit back was the low rise.
    I found them, the actual measurements listed are the same as the standard trousers.
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  9. never behind

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    Is that the Chicago fit? I have one HSM suit and one sport coat. The quality is okay. I think they are good for that price range.

    OP, Nordstrom carries HSM and their annual sale should start in July.

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    Flat front trousers are so ubiquitous because of fashion trends that finding them straight off the rack will be a challenge. Obviously, MTM solves the issue. You may be able to order a suit with pleated trousers.

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