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I have three button down wool shirts for colder weather as well as a Pendelton robe that is a great product. The company seems to be not what it once was but selected items are still good value.

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I don't have a long history with Pendleton as, my guess, their stuff was way too expensive for my family growing up, so it's only been in the last ten or so years that I "discovered" the company when we received a blanket from them as a gift.

Since then, we've bought a couple more of their blankets and I bought an overcoat of theirs a few years back. Every item is incredible: well made, quality fabrics, excellent workmanship, beautiful design - just a really nice product all around. If it was better in years past - holy cow, as, from the few items we have, what they do today is pretty impressive.


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Pendleton is still owned by the Bishop family, which is pretty remarkable. Mort Bishop led the tour of the mill that I was on.