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I am currently, like many others before me, searching for the perfect penny loafer. There is a vast amount of information on weejuns/penny loafers on this forum, but it takes a lot of work to find it all. I thought it would be a helpful move to have it all in one place, for reference, in a similar vein to the OCBD review thread of a few weeks ago.

If everyone reviews the pair they own, we could form quite an information goldmine.

Reviews could be in this format-
Name: Logan
Manufacturer: GH Bass
Price: $99 (Outlet $60 or less)
Leather Quality:
Sole Quality:
Durability: (Do they get better with age)
Overall Opinion:

Multiple reviews of the same loafer are encouraged, especially if they are of a different opinion.

Here are a just a few of those I would like to see reviewed.

Bass Logan (corrected and tan)
Sebago Cayman and Cayman II
Other Bass models
LL Bean Classic
LL Bean Rustic
Eddie Bauer (look a bit like a weejun/ll bean rustic hybrid)
Cole Haan Pinch

Dr. Watson

Joe Beamish

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I'd start by organizing and linking the many threads reviewing pennies. It would be nice to have a single departure thread from which to visit the motley assortment of often widely varying opinions and experiences with assorted brands and makes (and vintages) of pennies.

I say it would be nice, but I'm too lazy (and otherwise engaged) to do it. :icon_smile_big:

Doctor Damage

Here's some more (leather soles)...

Bass Logan, etc.
Sebago Classic & Cayman
Brooks Brothers (Sebago Cayman)
J&M Ski Mocc
Cole Haan Pinch Penny
Alden Cape Cod full strap
AE Walden & Everett & Hanover

Alden LHS & Full Strap
AE McGraw & Randolph
Brooks Brothers unlined penny (LHS)
Crocket & Jones Boston & Lincoln & Harvard
Polo Ralph Lauren Darlton (C&J)
Ben Silver (C&J Harvard)


Penny Loafer triva

Werner Erhard, founder of est, now Landmark Education, was always perfectly dressed. Part of his look extended to not having anything in his pockets to disturbe the line of of his clothing. His handlers placed an emergency dime in his loafers, should he become separated from them and need to make a call.
These were in the days when one could find a working pay phone and they charged a dime. Today if you could find a working pay phone the amount of silver you'd need to carry would throw off your gait. :icon_smile:


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I'm looking for a loafer with a leather sole and heal to wear with my suits. I currently have a Bostonian tasseled loafer, but the leather is too plasticky.


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Sebago Cayman II

I'll bite.

I wear loafers almost exclusively and the Cayman II is my go-to loafer these days - more so than either my Alden 986s or Bass Weejuns (to position it relative to two other iconic loafers at either end of the price spectrum). It is obviously not of the same quality as an Alden or Allen Edmonds, but for the price it is hard to beat. And, truth be told, I like the styling of it more than any other loafer I own.

Name: Cayman II

Manufacturer: Sebago

Price: $135 via Sebago; can be had at a discount elsewhere online (I pd. $75).

Leather Quality: "Cordo Brush Off" and "Black Brush Off" good for brush-off. Better than Bass. Not as plastic-y. The old "Cordo" (not "Cordo Brush Off") is a very nice dark brown with a matte finish.

Sole Quality: Leather. Above average. Slightly thicker than Bass. Rubber heel not so great.

Comfort: Excellent. No break-in period needed.

Fit: True to size.

Durability: After four months of regular wear they still look good. Seem to be wearing better than Weejuns. Should hold up just fine with regular care and maintenance.

Overall Opinion: The perfect "dressy-casual" loafer and the best offering available at the price. My only complaints are that I wish it was unlined, had a combo heel and was made in the U.S.A. But all of these things would likely triple the price. A better heel can be had if you spring for the Brooks version (which, I believe, is still made by Sebago and modeled after the Cayman II) - but its not worth it to me to pay the extra money for that addition alone.

Bottom Line: The best of the low-end loafers. Recommended.
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I'm looking for a loafer with a leather sole and heal to wear with my suits. I currently have a Bostonian tasseled loafer, but the leather is too plasticky.
I wear the Sebago Kerry and the Dexter Swanzey with suits. The Kerry has a rubber heel while the Swanzey is a combo.

I know a lot of forum members like the AE Grayson, though I don't own a pair myself.