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No it doesn't offend. Most men of your age, your political sway and your choice of news outlets would respond the same.

Troubled times bring out troubled people. Pent up emotion bursts with a pin prick. In my tiny town the cops swagger in for their free McDonald's always in camo and enough gear to stop a charging rino. I'm sick of the attitude of cops when not on the hunt. And I'm not even Black, nor is there a single one in my town, but woe to them if there were. The assault on the courthouse in Portland with spray paint, pea shooters, foul language and empty soda cans pains me not in the least.

This post will self destruct before end of day because it doesn't belong in this thread, or any thread in this forum created so far.
While I am pleased to hear that you are not offended by my earlier post, I am also sorry to note the acerbic tone of the remainder of your reply. I assume you are telling me I am old and stuck in my ways, that I am a conservative Republican and that I reply primarily on Fox News for my information. Other than on the news source(s), you are close to being right on target. I also regularly watch ABC, NBC abd CBS news programming, but I do watch Fox News and I do consider myself to be pretty well informed. LOL.

In the past, I've worked a skirmish line at demonstrations and I can assure you the vast majority of officers assigned to that line would prefer to be somewhere else, involved in so many other, more pleasant activities. Just taking a WAG (wild a**ed guess) here, but I'll bet you have participated in such past activities on the other side of the skirmish line...yes, no? Clearly our opinions differ and that's OK. Let us just try to exercise some mutual respect.

Take care and have a great day.

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The day the Japanese discovered Chucks...


I am woefully ignorant of other cultures so it may come as no surprise when I admit here that I didn't think the Japanese wore clothes, let alone Chucks.