Which one of these dress shoes would be the best?

  • Johnston & Murphy

  • Cole Haan

  • Florsheim

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Don't lock yourself into looking for a shoe with a closed or an open lacing throat. In your situation, it's just not that big of a deal. Rather, give some thought to the quality characteristics you are looking for in a shoe and then go out and do some real shopping. Several years back i was in Cleveland, Ohio , shopping for shoes and I picked up a pair of first quality Allen Edmond's Leeds, made in #8 shell cordovan, for which I paid (as I recall) right at $16o, out the door. I've been wearing those shoes for the past 38 years and continue to do soIMG_0348.JPG ...in my book, that's good value. Last year I had a chance to buy another pair of Allen Edmond's Leeds, these made of grained brown calf hide (a pair of seconds, with no discerable flaws) for just $147. There are real bargains out there...we just have to find them! ;)

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None of those three options is an oxford.
Why are we insisting that the OP apply the UK definition of oxford? In the US a shoe with closed lacing is called a balmoral, a shoe with open lacing is a blucher, and any shoe with a low heel and front lacing is an oxford.


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I agree that 100 dollars is not going to get you a pair of quality shoes. They may last 2 years but you would be better off increasing your budget and getting a pair of shoes that would last much longer.


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If you wear any of those three on a regular basis they will fall apart or look terrible in two years (if they make it that long). They just are not manufactured to last. Suggest you check out the Allen Edmond's website and keep an eye out for something in the clearance section. They are seconds usually but the flaws are usually very minor and you can get some good deals.
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