PSA: Half-Price Alden/BB Shell Cordovan Tassels

Discussion in 'Andy's Trad Forum' started by FLMike, Apr 16, 2019 at 2:49 PM.

  1. FLMike

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    If you wear a size 9.5, 10, or 12 (D), you’re in luck. It looks like someone picked up a bunch of dead stock (firsts, BNIB) shell tassel loafers from BB at fire sale prices. They are being offered at $365 shipped, which is roughly half the $728 retail price. I already own some, but couldn’t resist picking up a back-up pair at that price. A steal!
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  2. ymc226

    ymc226 New Member

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    Thank you for sharing. I would have bought another in 10D but just bought 2 new pairs, one Alden and one Brooks for Alden at their reduced price but not this good. As much a good deal this is, I cannot justify a 3rd identical pair.
  3. Corcovado

    Corcovado Senior Member

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    Thanks for the tip. I clicked on the seller and looked at their other items. They have several different Alden options. I didn't need #8 tassels but I have been looking for a pair of brown dress does and found a pair that I liked.
  4. TKI67

    TKI67 Senior Member

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    Good call, given that they get better and better and last easily three decades or more.
  5. 89826

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    Price is $410 now.

    Same seller is selling Edward Green shoes at half price.
  6. FLMike

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    Interesting. He did indeed raise the price to $410. I wonder what prompted the increase, after selling 66 pairs since April 5th at $365 apiece.

    Looking back at the seller’s history, I now see that he also sold nine pairs of Alden/BB color 8 LHS loafers in my size (9D) for $385 each! Wish I had seen those.
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  7. danielbautista333

    danielbautista333 Starting Member

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    Thank you for the PSA! Ecstatic to make my first purchase on eBay in my size and at half the retail price after two cancelled orders during the past Brooks Brothers clearance sale.
  8. eagle2250

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    Sure you can...don't underestimate your ability to rationalize such a purchase! I didn't and look where that has gotten me. LOL. :crazy:
  9. Oldsport

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    If you wear a 10D in AE Grayson and all other AE shoes, what size would fit in the Shell Tassles?
  10. FLMike

    FLMike Connoisseur

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    West Coast

    If you’re considering buying a pair, I would suggest sending a message to the seller asking if he would honor the $365 price at which he sold his prior 66 pairs.
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