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I have two young daughters. States-side, we shop a lot at these outlets: Carters, OshKosh, Gymboree, Children's Place.

The quality is good and everything was handed down to our second daughter. Most of the clothes will also be handed down to other children in the family.

Don't discount thrift stores. Over the years, I've found quite a number of new-looking kids garments.


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You will have hand-me-downs (provided you box stuff up) no matter the quality: some things will simply be outgrown before they can be worn out. On the other hand, some things will be worn out first, no matter how nice. It depends on the kid and the age.

But in general, you can save money by buying things that can will last and taking care of them for kids the same as for yourself. My mother had five children: I and my first sister were the only ones who never wore a hand-me-down, and most of what our younger siblings wore, at least through middle school, fell into that category.

Older kids tend to blow out clothing more (because they don't grow as quickly), but at least for babies you can scoop up an entire season's ample wardrobe of top-notch stuff in pristine condition at a big consignment sale for around $100. We've gone this route for our one-year-old (who has been consistently a pristinely dressed baby despite owning almost no new clothes), and I just boxed up a year's worth of clothes, all still perfectly wearable by a future little sister.

So you don't necessarily have to choose: you can save money and get hand-me-down-able top quality.


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With three kids we have learned to make wise investments in key pieces for the kids. My go to is to visit the Ralph Lauren Polo outlets & online sales where I have found some extremely good deals. But like other here I am also not shy in visiting consignment stores and some thrifts (especially in the higher end neighborhoods) where I can find more in volume.

Not every piece in the kids closets is my favorite but we have learned to strike a balance on a budget.


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I think if you are disciplined enough to keep the kids clothes stored in a cool, dry place until the next child can wear them, it's a worthy investment. But remember that the younger child that gets constant hand-me-downs may feel left out and without individual choices. I strongly prefer to buy decent quality clothing (I really do not like Old Navy, for example). If you are willing to buy at the right time, you can usually buy something good at the nicer stores. Just plan ahead.

As far as resale value, the bottom drops out once you have worn it 1-2 times. Used clothes for kids have very little resale value, IMHO. We have a garage sale almost every year and we have to sell items for a mere fraction of MSRP to even move them. Even the resale shops offer just pennies on the dollar for clothing, no matter how nice.

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We aren't U.S based but I think I would echo the view of people who indicate they buy mainly basics and supplement with the odd investment piece that can pass from the older brother to the younger.

For basics: GAP, Next, Marks & Spencer

For nicer stuff here and there: Jacadi, Polarn O. Pyret.

Polarn O. Pyret is my favourite kids clothing manufacturer. It's a Swedish brand, and their stuff seems to be both comfortable, good looking and also wear well. A lot of their hoodies and jackets have technical elements, as you'd expect considering the Scandinavian climate. They are one of those companies where if you spend the little extra you can get something that seems as good a year on as it did the day you bought it. Handy if you are going to pass it down.

Jacadi is more my wife's cup of tea. Classic French stuff... Polo shirts, understated jumpers etc. Nicely made.

Jacadi did a great classic yellow raincoat that probably got more compliments than any other item of clothing the boys wore. An added benefit: The visibility of that bright yellow in playgrounds and when crossing the road.