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Discussion in 'The Interchange' started by eagle2250, May 17, 2019.

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    ^ In my opinion, it’s less that than a wholesale abandonment of rural America, couched in some academic nonsense about how the economy has changed and that we cannot produce in the same way. Somehow, all of those rural factory and industrial workers are supposed to become coders.

    Meanwhile over the last 40-50 years we’ve entered into trade agreements that have resulted in the outsourcing of our industrial manufacturing base without nary a thought as a to how these communities would deal with such transition.

    No wonder why populism, both Right and Left, on ascendant nationally and internationally.
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    Sounds like trying to pound a square metal pin through a small round metal hole. Isn't that what Billy Gates recommended a decade or two ago? Wipe out art classes, drama classes, etc. Just english, math and science.

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