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Just wondering whether any of the other expensive-shoe mavens on the forum wear 'beater' shoes on rainy days - leave the cordovan or Alden calfs at home and wear an old pair of corrected-grain or rubber-soled dress shoes instead... In short, any particular reason I ought not wear my cordovan wingtips on a rainy day?


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I've heard a few approaches here: some wear beaters, some go with Bean boots (both with and without changing at the office), and some wear nice shoes with some sort of overshoe.

Nathan Detroit

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I've heard a few approaches here: some wear beaters, some go with Bean boots (both with and without changing at the office), and some wear nice shoes with some sort of overshoe.
... which would indicate a consensus around not wearing the good shoes on Rainy Days and Mondays...


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Yes, I won't wear nice shoes or cordovans on days when it is going to rain/downpour. I will either wear some camp mocs or bean boots and if torrential Le Chameau boots.

If on those days I need to have the nice dress shoes along for a work/social event I will bring them along in a zipper tote. I'm not much for galloshes, even though I have a set...


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Good topic for today--it's pouring.

I don't envision going out much, so I'm wearing BB bluchers by Peal with Danite soles. Took a chance and left the Tingleys at home--it's not more than 20 feet from the car to the office door. Generally, I keep Tingleys at the office, but I switched jobs not long ago and haven't gotten around to it.

As for beaters, yes. I have a pair of Florsheim two-tone saddle shoes with godawful corrected grain and rubber outsole inserts. If there's a serious chance of disaster, I'll wear those and don't really give a rip what becomes of them--I think I paid $2 at SA. I also have "spare" (i.e., duplicate) gunboats in black, butterscotch and dark brown. They aren't beaters, I suppose, given that they are old-school, high quality Imperials or equivalent (I think one is Hanover and another Nettleton), but they're tough, certainly able to withstand quick walks across wet parking lots. If it's buckets-full raining or if I'm unprepared and wearing Park Avenues or Waldens or other shoes that aren't quite as rugged as gunboats and I don't have backup pairs, I'll pull on the Tingleys. Rubber overshoes are godsends, but I find them hot (unless it's fairly cold outside) and difficult to stretch over larger shoes like, well, gunboats.

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The last time it rained, I wore an older pair of wingtips with leather soles. It turned out that we had to inspect a 25 acre woodland property that day. They got wet. They dried. I brushed them off. they're fine.

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In the pacific northwest our rainy season lasts for four to five months per year. Although I do wear leather soled shoes because I have so many pairs to rotate through my "Go to" rain shoes have become my Allen Edmonds Wilberts.

I have a brown and a black pair and they work very well in the rain.

I have a pair of custom make up Aldens with the crepe sole with a leather toe piece that I just can't stand. (The crepe has turned hard as a rock and they're just too heavy.) I just spoke with Nick at B. Nelson shoe repair and I am about to send them to him for conversation to Dainite. I'm already looking forward to getting them back!
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