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  1. sia

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    Can anyone definitively rank the various Ralph Lauren brands and label colors?

    Polo by Ralph Lauren
    Ralph Lauren Purple Label
    Ralph Lauren
    Black Label
    Blue Label
    Lauren by Ralph Lauren
    Polo Jeans Co.
    Club Monaco
    Polo University
    Polo Denim
    Green Label
    Silver Label

    Am I missing any? Some of these are actual brands, some are just label colors. What does it all mean? I know Purple is (or at least was) the top dog. Where does everything else fit?
  2. omairp

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    Top to Bottom (dress clothes collections):

    Purple Label
    Black Label
    Blue Label (this is Polo by Ralph Lauren)
    Silver Label
    Lauren by Ralph Lauren (I think this is green label)

    The rest are casual collections if I'm not mistaken. I dunno how they rank. They may be similar, just aimed at different market segments. Chaps is the absolute lowest on the list, and Club Monaco is ran like a completely separate company, so it doesn't fit neatly on the list.
  3. Orgetorix

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    I thought Chaps was a defunct label. At least there used to be suits with that label.
  4. jamgood

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    Suits, Sport coats, Better Trousers (any more info is too complicated and items are not licensed, but contracted in most cases)

    RL Purple Label hand tailored by SaintAndrews which has changed its name to Sartoria Santandrea Milano www.st-santandrea.it (under construction?) The Santandrea trousers have a white production tag on the pocketing. The non SantAndrea trousers have a purple production tag on the pocketing. (Made by Chester Barrie in Crewe, England until about 2001)

    RL Purple Label non-hand tailored. Reportedly by Cantarelli, the owner of St. Andrews until spring 2006. Unconfirmed. Considerably less expensive than the SantAndrea.

    RALPH LAUREN (blue label) better constructed Corneliani than Polo. Similar styles. Models = Jerome #

    Polo Ralph Lauren can run $1200 to over $2000 per suit depending on fabric and tailoring factors. Sport coats from roughly $1000 in wools to $2000 in cashmere tweeds. Corneliani. Trousers $325+ If a Polo item has a Made In Italy label it was probably made by some unit of Corneliani. Corneliani since 1999.

    Ralph Lauren Black Label trim suits currently about $1600? Maker ? Not the same production tags as Corneliani. I'd guess L.....

    Lauren (green label) made in Canada by Peerless. $?

    Chaps is still in the stable. Kohl's may have it exclusively. Dunno

    I don't think Polo University is made anymore.

    Rugby is a line originally targeted at college students.
  5. zarathustra

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    Chaps is sold primarily at Kohls now.
  6. sartort

    sartort New Member

    Jamgood, you trailed off on your guess for black label. care to take a stab?
  7. DocHolliday

    DocHolliday Honors Member

    Recent investigative work at SF (with Iammatt's keen eye) suggests that Black Label was recently -- and I presume still is -- being made by Ma.Co, a small shop that sold its stuff under the Raffaelle Caruso brand and also does work for other labels.
  8. DocHolliday

    DocHolliday Honors Member

    Jamgood, are you sure Chaps is still a RL brand? I had heard that it had been spun off into an independent entity, and my nearest Belk undertook quite the project of replacing all the "Ralph Lauren Chaps" signs with ones that just say "Chaps." Considering they had to rip them out of the walls, it seemed like a lot of effort for a small change.
  9. sartort

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    thanks Doc! Knowing that you own Polo/Blue label and Black label clothing, would you agree that the MA Co. stuff is better than Corneliani? Or is Black Label priced higher due to cut/style/branding?
  10. jamgood

    jamgood Advanced Member

    Try going on the RL web site and checking on the retailers listed for your state. I did this about a year ago. After the one RL store (we're backwards) and several Factory Outlets, other retailers were listed including pro shops. Towarge the end of the list Kohl's locations began appearing. Puzzled, I realized that Kohl's advertised Chaps every Sunday in the bird cage liner. That may have changed, but I think there has just been a disassociation of the RL. RL has a luxury/exclusivity image re-branding strategery, even though you can still buy OCBDs in the T J Maxx for $30, about $10 less than the Factory Outlet nearby and $40 less than the RL store across town. Which is in the same mall as about 5 Polo retailers. Go figure. Chaps as a brand is listed on page 7 of the most recent SEC form 10K and the major licensees are listed 2 or 3 pages later. You can confirm the Corneliani license for ALL Polo brand tailored clothing. Apparently RLPL is contracted rather than licensed. I seem to recall that Chester Barrie RLPL had a license, but I could be mistaken. You can also read about the formation of RL watches and jewelry and other stuff. It ain't all numbers. Google: Polo Ralph Lauren 10K Several services offer a link. You may be more comfortable with the Business Week link. Paragraph.

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