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I get the actual WSJ (it’s always there in my driveway by 5am, when I shuffle out to the driveway to get it.) I also get several WSJ newsletters (AI and Technology).

I also - physically - subscribe to The Economist, MIT Technology Review, Harvard Business Review, and Science.

For trends/culture, I like Monocle, though I just buy it at the newsstand.

I augment my reading with Podcasts: WSJ has some good ones, as does Science. I listen to them as I drive my daughter to school, and she likes them too (though it leads to things like explaining “opioid crisis” to your seven year old... Dad of the Year!)

I read n+1 when I can, but given limited time I prioritize news.

I switch newspapers from time to time to keep things fresh - I may hop over to the Financial Times again soon. I’m a one-paper man, though... I do envy the speed readers who can devour the WSJ, NYT, and WaPo (my mother, an historian, was like that.)



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When the local NC newspapers stopped delivery in my area, I moved to the New York Times and the BBC online news. I like the idea of getting international news as well as national. Like Oldsarge says it's nice not to have more pulp to put into recycling but I did use it frequently for starting fires in the wood stove.


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Our local paper was bought out by Gannett (USA Today) and cut out some local reporters. We get personal interest articles out of Nashville and read up on Bristol, TN happenings. Paper got thinner and went up 50 cents.

I started reading the NYT on occasion and I like how they use Mr. X rather than refer to a person by just their last name, after they introduce a first and last name in a preceding paragraph. We had to read the WSJ as part of our curriculum in a business class in college and that has been an aversion to reading it since. Never really took to any of the Washington papers, and I have no reason why this is


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I started reading the NYT on occasion and I like how they use Mr. X rather than refer to a person by just their last name.....
I particularly like how they edit out material facts from articles about such matters as, oh I don’t know; the sexual misconduct of a sitting justice of the US Supreme Court.


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The Epoch Times
Been thinking about buying this. I've got to move in about a month, so not interested in getting it now.
NYTs and CNN are not worth a plug nickle.
Used to watch C-SPAN, but I don't have a TV at present. Not sure I even want a TV, anymore.

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I find the Financial Times (the UK newspaper) to be an excellent read on my iPad. They cover general news in a straight-forward but comprehensive manner and the business journalism is excellent. I prefer it to the WSJ.