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I didn't discover Malbec until I moved to the PNW in 2007. or is that when they started making it??
Good lord, no. Malbec is a vine with an ancient history. It's just that for the longest time it was purely a blending grape. Varietals of high percentage Malbec are a relatively new thing.



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This past Friday, enroute to a wrestling tournament our Grandsons were competing in, we stopped at a restaurant called First Watch for brunch(?) and enjoyed bacon prepared with a brown sugar glaze for an appetizer. Fried bacon is always a sure gastronomical delight, but a brown sugar glaze makes it even better! Alas, the boys missed it, traveling with the team on the team bus and they did make their respective weights, which was a good thing. One finished 1st in his weight class and the other finished 3rd in his weight class. Count me as a proud Grandpa! ;)