Return of the suit?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Mr. B. Scott Robinson, Jan 20, 2019.

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    Interesting article - thank you for posting.

    A couple of recent WSJ articles leaning the other way, but of course, as your article noted, the "fashion" guys are supposed to be ahead of the curve.

    The below articles are from a subscription site, but sometimes, if you Google your way there, they'll let you read an article or two.

    First Article
    "Wall Street, the last bastion of traditional corporate dress code, has been loosening its tie—and in some cases, getting rid of it completely—as male bankers increasingly take their sartorial cues from clients."

    Second Article
    Suits are out. Fleece vests and jeans are in. That is bad news for Tailored Brands ,TLRD 0.67% which owns the Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank brands.
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    I have been saying it for about 3 years - but bankers just don't wear ties much anymore. I think attorneys are the next phase and are in transition. Before it's over even funeral directors may go sans tie!?
  4. Flanderian

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    Funeral directors, 2029 -

  5. JBierly

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    Destination funeral at the beach?
  6. SG_67

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    It’s all about experiences these days.
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    I've been an attorney for darn near 13 years now. I have yet to work at a firm where ties are worn other than for court or client meetings.

    Sport coats are still very common. Ties are rare.
  8. Oldsarge

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    I can't imagine an attorney going into court without a tie. And I wouldn't want to see the judge's reaction!
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    I went to court a couple weeks ago and could not believe what the judge was wearing. I don't even know how to describe what she was wearing, but it was casual whatever it was. My lawyer said that she likely wanted to be comfortable under her robe, but she wasn't wearing her robe when I was in court. Nevertheless, all of the male lawyers there were dressed in suits and ties and the female lawyers were wearing suits or tailored jackets. Since you never know what judge you'll get, you have to dress to please the most strict.
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    Dare I enquire as to what crime you had been accused of committing?

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