Sartoria Castangia

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by hbrulay, Mar 22, 2006.

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    Looks like someone snapped up the suit with BIN. Looks like a beauty though (albeit in brown). S-C is a brand one sees only rarely. I've only seen it at Filene's Basement in their shipments that come from Bergdorf-Goodman in NYC. The suits and blazers I've seen of theirs appear to be high quality and are priced accordingly -- $1500+ for blazers and $2750+ for suits. Prices are not in the stratosphere, such as they are for the likes of Kiton, but still expensive.
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    I own a Castangia suit, made for Bergdorf. I love it. At that BIN price, that suit is clearly a steal.
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    Of course. The guy even bought Caraceni some years ago.

    It is a very renouned maker. If the price, style, color and fit are right, go for it!

    Edit: Sorry about that. I confused Castangia with Gianni Campagna. In any case, the piece looks beautiful.
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    here's a pic i previously posted of myself in my castangia suit
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    Excellent designer- in the same league as Kiton and Isaia

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