Sartorial distractions (or, what is seen cannot be unseen)

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by HanEyeAm, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. HanEyeAm

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    While watching a Punch Brothers concert on YouTube, I saw what I believe is bubbling on a member's fused suit.

    [Edit: the kicker was that I couldn't enjoy the rest of the show without staring at the suit coat whenever it was visible!]

    Dang you Ask Andy Forum and what your sartorial whetstone has done to my senses!

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  2. denace_mennis

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    I have that same issue now. I see ill-fitting clothing and sometimes it’s all I think about and it’s hard to focus on the important aspects of whatever I’m watching.

    On a different note, the Punch Brothers are awesome. And I know I’ve watched that concert once or twice before. Although I didn’t notice the bubbling on Chris Thile’s jacket.
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  3. cosmotoast

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    I too notice things more than ever because of visiting this sight. The worst culprits are some of the seventy year old men at church. One old guy wears leisure suits he bought in the 70s. Some wear navy pants with a navy sport coat and think it's a suit. Another guy buttons all three buttons on his three button sport coat
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  4. richard warren

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  5. cosmotoast

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  6. eagle2250

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    Ouch. LOL. For some of us, that is getting awful close to sounding personal. Speaking as one who qualifies for the age group you specify, I must tell you I have never worn a polyester leisure suit. I will admit to an unfortunate incident in which I was gifted with such a monstrosity, but it hung never worn in my closet for years, before being donated to a local Goodwill store. ;)
  7. Matt S

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  8. cosmotoast

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    This doesn't apply to you, especially since your a moderator of a fine clothing forum and have a vast knowledge of proper dress. This more applies to those old guys that dress like slobs during the week and only dress up when forced to.:icon_saint7kg:
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  9. Color 8

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    Collar stays.
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  10. Charles Dana

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    What about them?
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