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  1. keefusb

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    This scam ad popped up in my FB feed again this morning. Clearly FB is either unwilling or unable to put a stop to this fraudulent activity...
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  2. SG_67

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    Unwilling. You’re talking about a company whose founder and prime mover has contempt for the people whose data he mines and sells to the highest bidder.

    Facebook, in some ways, is the business equivalent of a parasite.
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    I got this ad as well, coming from 2 different Facebook accounts (both having names like "Factory Promotion"). I reported them to Facebook (not holding my breath) and Allen Edmonds (also not holding my breath). AE responded that they couldn't control what people post on Facebook, so I replied again to clarify that this isn't a normal "person" posting, but an actual scam business that someone is running using their trademarks and that Facebook is being *paid* to advertise for. I sent them screenshots of the ads. Since AE is also an advertiser on Facebook, I was hoping they might reach out to someone and try to get these pulled, but I'm not sure that the customer service person fully understands the situation.
  4. IotaNet

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    I ran across this site today and it felt wrong right off the bat. I called and reported it to AE customer service. The gentleman I spoke to indicated that they are aware of the fake site(s) and are working on the problem.
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    IotaNet, I really like the Theodore Roosevelt quote that appears beneath your post #14 (above). Thank you for sharing it.
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  7. momsdoc

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    My son fell for the scam last week. He called and told me he had just placed an order for 3 pairs of AE from this store that purported to be being closed by AE and was liquidating their entire stock. He figured at that price they were seconds. Besides it was my card he was using. However he thought the total price of $275 was low enough to go for it. As we were talking, he was looking over the site, and became suspicious that it was phony.

    I immediately called Chase to stop the charges and freeze the card. As I was doing so I got a text alert approving a purchase for $110 to a company called Nancy shirts. Nothing for AE, and nothing for the $275.

    Total time elapsed from using the card to the use of my hacked information was under 10 minutes.
  8. AndyZ

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    Yes, pretty much all of those scam websites share some common features-
    1. No width but only length shown for shoes. Authentic AE retailers never do that.
    2. Only accept MasterCard but no Visa (Not sure why. Does Visa do a better job of blocking those skunks?)
    3. No customer service phone numbers. No physical address.

    When you come across any website like that, steer away!
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    The link in the OP does not work for me. Hopefully, this site has been removed for good. These scams are not just Facebook related. My wife almost got caught by one just using a Google search. To say that Facebook is useless is a little extreme, IMO. Millions upon millions of users would likely disagree. I do believe steps are being taken to clean things up, from both a political and commercial standpoint. As I was told a long time ago, if you don't know who the patsy is, it's probably you. Caveat emptor.
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    Didn't get those Allan Edmonds at a steal of a price? Don't worry you can get Loake Shoes at criminal low prices.

    Same email address on this website that was on the fake Allan Edmonds website.
    Email: [email protected]
    They have a number of websites selling Pandora jewelry, Nike shoes, etc with the same address.

    Loake is aware of the issue and is working on it.
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