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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by JMGB, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. JMGB

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    Hey guys! So far, this forum has been of great help to me on my style journey. Thanks for everything!

    I'm building my shoe wardrobe, and having a great time doing it!

    I currently am staring at a pair of chunky, dark brown, pebble-grained pair of wingtip bluchers that I have at home, and love to death.

    Now, I know that these are NOT DRESS-dress shoes, not to be worn with a suit, but they seem great for smart casual/business casual/social wear, with jeans, cords, chinos, etc. (and possibly a pair of grey flannel trousers if and when I get some).

    However, now that the weather is warming up, is is time to store them until the fall? I have a feeling that the style is slightly earthy and rustic, and may be a little too so for the spring and summer months. Is it time to grab me some penny loafers in their place?

    So, as a general question, other than the obvious ones like boat shoes, flip flops, snow boots, are there certain seasonal footwear option, like with suiting?

    Thanks guys!
  2. Flanderian

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    I find shoes of that general appearance more suitable for autumn and winter. I have shoes that span all seasons, but others that are limited to warm or cool seasons.
  3. Spex

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    I have some dress boots that I will probably put away now that the weather is getting warming. At the same time I have some lighter brown captoe brogues that I put away for the winter and will soon take out. I'm also considering not wearing my black blutchers too much in the hotter months, but I also am looking for something suitable for the upcoming season...damn this forum! ;)
  4. JBierly

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    Let your clothes guide you. If you change to lighter colored slacks and suits then wear appropriate footwear to match. I have a pair of tan shoes and lighter brown that I wear mostly during the summer months.
  5. Watchman

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    The AE Strand, to me, represents a good summer dress casual shoe, especially in the color walnut. I too have boots that will be put away for the summer only to be taken out for cooler evenings, at best that is the only action they will see. To me personally, I find balmoral shoes, that is to say "Closed throat lacing" to be inherently suited for the 3 seasons. I do wear balmorals in the winter months, but it is on a must need basis. I have plenty of dress boots that get a lot of play in winter.

    Again, I would suggest the AE Strand and they also make some basket-weave style shoes that seem to be a bit attractive, but I would reserve those for deep south or almost tropical weather. You are in Ontario and it does not get too awfully hot there....not for long periods at a time at least. At least that is what I recall.

    So, for you, a very traditional balmoral dress shoe should fit the bill for your dressier summer wardrobe needs.

  6. Oldsarge

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    Toward the end of May my summer suit with contrasting additional pair of slacks will arrive. After a quick trip to the cleaners for a good pressing they will accompany me to church the following Sunday underpinned by a pair of AE Strawfut spectators. I am also sending a good portion of a tanned eland hide to Russell Moccasin. This should result in both a pair of moccasin toed monks and a pair of boat shoes. The former will go into the closet until autumn but the latter will be in my summer rotation immediately.

    I may have to invest in an additional panama, come to think of it . . .
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  7. Piqué

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    There's been a great thread about spectators going around the last few days. There are some killer shoes in there you might want to check out for spring/summer wear. Boat shoes, of course, are always great for more casual wear.
  8. kev'n

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    I just purchased a pair of basket weave walnut Leiden's with matching belt; plan to use them for warm weather attire.
  9. Oldsarge

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    Walnut basket weaves are great. I get compliments on mine rather regularly.

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