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I love this fabric - the color and the window-pane, but the peak lapels seem out of place here. Am I being too narrow in my expectation of the formality of these lapels? Or maybe I'm just not confident enough to pull it off, myself.

I kind of understand. I was thinking the same thing. I wouldn't order peaks, but I don't think they're a deal killer.

I have this coat's evil twin, fabricwise. It's blue with the brown windowpanes. Normal notched lapels, not peak. It has these curved, piped pockets that are a magnificent work of tailoring and every once in a while I wonder if I should have had the guy just do patch pockets instead. The formal element is so.... formal for a summer weight, slubby fabric sport coat.

But, then, nobody knows the old rules except for the few that do. Meaning, people who read here might really know things like peaks are more formal but that's not true not in the broader world. Especially where I live. Where I socialize and the offices I visit where I would wear my coat almost nobody will know that pipes are more formal than flaps. That realization means I forget about the pockets when I wear my coat now. You'd just have to do the same with peaks on a more casual coat.


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Well, the 'rules' are a bit funny. Peak lapels may seem formal on a single breasted coat but they're the norm on a double breasted one. I kind of think that 'formal' and 'sports jacket' don't fit together when a double breasted blazer seems less formal than a single breasted. So just get the coat you want and wear it and assume that anyone who critiques it harshly is a hidebound fuddy-duddy. :pirate: